October 15, 2013

What is Pyramage? Make a Vintage Christmas Ornament / Hanging Tag

We will be making an embellishment to adhere to a vintage background to make a Christmas ornament/hanging tag. You can also use this embellishment on cards.

What is a Pyramage / Pyramid Image?  

It is a 3D image that looks like a pyramid from the side. You print several images which get progressively smaller, cut them out, and glue or foam dot them on top of each other to make an attractive embellishment.
We will be using a computer graphics program to manipulate your images to print so you can glue them to cardstock, core board, or wood to make a wall hanging (or glue/foam dot to a card as an embellishment).

Supplies You Will Need 


  • Two images.
  • I downloaded the Girl Cat image from Vintage Image Craft (VIC) here.
  • Background image. You can use any image for your background.
  • Computer.
  • Computer graphics program to manipulate the graphics. I used Corel PaintShop Pro.
  • Mod Podge® or Decoupage®
  • Foam dots, such as Glue Dots®
  • Scissors
  • 1 sheet of photo paper or stock paper, letter size (8-1/2" x 11").
  • 1 sheet of photo paper or stock paper, 4" x 6".
  • For the back of the ornament, use one of the following, size 4" x 6": 
          · · · Cardboard
          · · · Core board
          · · · Wood (light-weight, cheap, flat)
  • 2 brads
  • 2 decorative embellishments, such as flowers.
  • What you will be hanging your ornament from - a wire hanger, ribbon, bow, etc.

Step 1 ~ Erase Background on Girl with a Cat Image 

  • Upload image of the Girl with a Cat from VIC into graphics program.
  • Copy and paste as a new image.
  • Close the image you downloaded from VIC (you do this so you don't mess up the original).
  • Go back to the new image you just pasted.
  • Erase background around the image and delete the background.
  • Crop close to image. Mine ended up being 3.007" x 5.79", 300 resolution. Your image will not necessarily be the same size.
  • File, Save as PNG so background will stay transparent. (I named mine Girl Cat-Cut Out.png).
  • Do NOT close the image.

Step 2 ~ Create New Blank Screen

  • Create new blank image:
          · · · Image Dimensions:  8 1/2" wide x 11" height
          · · · Resolution:  300 pixels/inch
          · · · Image Characteristics:  Raster Background
          · · · Color:  Transparent
  • If using Corel PaintShop Pro, save as a PSPImage – I saved mine as (Girl Cat-Whole Page.pspimage). If using Adobe Photoshop, save as PSD.

Step 3 ~ Copying / Pasting Girl with a Cat Image

  • Go to Girl Cat-Cut Out.png).
  • If image is not already selected, then select the image.
  • Copy image.
  • Go to letter-size page (Girl Cat-Whole Page.pspimage)
  • Paste image.
  • Move image to top left position.
  • (FYI: The gray/white checkerboard is just the background for my images so I can help align them properly.
  • The checkerboard does NOT appear on the images when I print!)


Step 4 ~ Reducing Size of Girl with a Cat Image

  • Go to Girl Cat-Cut Out.png).
  • Image will still be selected.
  • Click on:
          · · · Selections
          · · · Modify
          · · · Contract
          · · · 25
          · · · OK
  • Copy image.
  • Go to letter-size page (Girl Cat-Whole Page.pspimage)
  • Paste image.
  • Move image to right of previous image.
  • I kept repeating these same actions until I had a total of 9 images pasted on the letter-size page (Girl Cat-Whole Page.pspimage).


  •  File, Save.

The number of images does NOT matter - use as many as you want to make your pyramage/pyramid.
It does NOT matter how the images are arranged on the letter-size page just so they do not touch each other. However, you will need to remember which order they are in (largest to smallest) when you glue them later. I find it helpful to paste each image in order.

Step 5 ~ Closing Girl with a Cat Image

  • Go back to Girl Cat-Cut Out.png).
          · · · Deselect
          · · · Save
          · · · Close
  • You do not need to use this image anymore for this project, but you might want to keep it for other projects.

Step 6 ~ Background Image (Music Sheet)

  • Locate an image you would like to put your pyramage/pyramid on. I'm using a music sheet, size 4" x 6".
  • Use Mod Podge® or Decoupage® to adhere the back of the music sheet to a piece of card board, core board, or light-weight wood that is cut the same size as your background image.
  • Let dry.
  • Mod Podge® or Decoupage® the front of the background image.
  • Let dry. 

Step 7 ~ Cutting Out Girl Cat Images

  • Go to letter-size page (Girl Cat-Whole Page.pspimage)
  • Print on letter-size heavy stock or photo paper.
  • Cut each Girl Cat image out.
  • Mod Podge® or Decoupage® the back of each image that you cut out.
  • Let dry.
  • Mod Podge® or Decoupage® the front of each image that you cut out.
  • Let dry.
  • Use foam dots on the back of the largest image to adhere it onto the music sheet. Do NOT put your image where you will be cutting out the holes at the top!
  • Keep using foam dots to adhere the next smallest image on top of the previous size. Line up each image according to something you visually see in the graphic - hair, bow, arm, etc.

I did not add any "sparkle" to my pyramage/pyramid, but it would certainly look nice if you don't use too much (smile!).

Step 8 ~ Adding the Hanger and/or Ribbon

  • Make a hole in the location(s) where you want to insert your hanger. You can cut, drill, or use an awl to make the holes.
  • Insert a brad through a decorative item, such as a flower.
  • Insert the brad and decorative item in the holes.
  • Insert your hanger, wire, ribbon, or whatever through the holes or adhere behind decorative item.
Hang on your tree, wall, from a suction cup in a glass cabinet, etc.