About Me


♥ Who Am I?

I am an photographer, graphic designer, and crafter originally from Nansemond County and Suffolk, Virginia.

♥ Where Am I Located? 

My office and craft studio are located in a converted schoolhouse in rural Southampton County, Virginia.

♥ Where Do I Sell?

 My website (www.BeckyHayes.com) has links for my designs for sale.

♥ Crafts

I love to repurpose vintage handkerchiefs, linens, doilies, etc. into unique crafts. I also use public domain images, new items, and my photography and graphics. With my nontraditional outlook on life, I often say, "Just because an item was made for one purpose, it doesn't mean you can't make something else with it." 

 How Did I Get Interested in Photography and Graphics?

♥  Photography ~ I became interested in photography while attending college.

♥  Graphics ~ I became interested in graphics when I downloaded a free trial of Corel PaintShop Pro (PSP). I like to read books on graphics and try on-line tutorials. Since some customers enjoy the “weird” graphics I make, I decided to name them: 

♥ ♥  PhotoArt ~ made from photos and color schemes. I manipulate the item I am working on in PSP and create kaleidoscopes, patterns, shapes, designs, etc.
♥ ♥  FractalArt ~ made using a fractal computer program.
♥ ♥  WordArt ~ words as part of the design, such as image-filled words, posters from quotes, scrapbook titles, etc.

I hope you enjoy my studio…and stop by again when you get a chance!
Thank you for visiting!
Becky Hayes