October 22, 2013

My Vacation

Thought you might enjoy this vintage postcard. Unfortunately, this is the only vacation I can afford right now - ha ha!

Becky Hayes (www.BeckyHayes.com)
To view a larger version, click on the postcard!

October 16, 2013

Eiffel Tower Graphics

Becky Hayes @ Fine Art America
I sell my photography and graphics through Fine Art America.  I designed these graphics using images of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, words, a page from a vintage French book, and graphics I purchased.  You can click on the photos below - or check out all my designs here


October 15, 2013

What is Pyramage? Make a Vintage Christmas Ornament / Hanging Tag

We will be making an embellishment to adhere to a vintage background to make a Christmas ornament/hanging tag. You can also use this embellishment on cards.

What is a Pyramage / Pyramid Image?  

It is a 3D image that looks like a pyramid from the side. You print several images which get progressively smaller, cut them out, and glue or foam dot them on top of each other to make an attractive embellishment.
We will be using a computer graphics program to manipulate your images to print so you can glue them to cardstock, core board, or wood to make a wall hanging (or glue/foam dot to a card as an embellishment).

My Studio

Some people wonder where I work on my photography, graphics, and crafts.  I live in a home that is  a remodeled schoolhouse that was built in 1904.  The double garage has a workshop.  Unfortunately, I don't have a heater in there, so I use the workshop to store my craft supplies and do most of my designing/work in my home office. 


Here is my studio/home, which is located in
Southampton County near Franklin and Courtland, VA

Most nights I am up to around 3 AM enjoying myself...deciding which photos to post, which graphics I want to make, updating my blog, website, etc.

Why I Changed My Website

I decided to change my web format. In the future, I will post links to places where I sell my photography, graphics, and crafts. I will no longer have a website with thousands of photos and graphics for sale.

The reason I changed was I was double posting! So, I decided, why waste all that time when I could post to the places where I sell my photos, graphics, and crafts and put a link to let you know about it? Hopefully, I will have the time to upload more to each site...and save money! Please click on the links in the menu above (or below) to visit the stores that handle my sales.

Digital downloads you print that can be used for personal use (PU) and commercial use (CU):

· Backgrounds / Patterns

· Banners
· Cards
· Ephemera ~ Paper
· FractalArt
· Frames
· Graphics
· Jewelry Printables
· Patterns ~ Cross-Stitch
· PhotoArt ~ Kaleidoscopes
· Photos
· Scrapbooking Elements
· Screen Savers
· Templates
· Textures

· Decals· Fabric· Wallpaper· Wrapping Paper

 I have over 2,600 stock images you can download and use for personal use (PU) and commercial use (CU).

Thank You for Stopping By...Becky Hayes